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Smart Cinderella is a fun twist on the fairy tale with a positive empowering message. Cinderella wasn't wishing for a prince, she was on a mission to improve the kingdom!
The Smart Little Mermaid is a fun twist on the fairy tale with a positive and empowering message. This mermaid didn't give up her voice just to meet a prince, she was on a mission to protect the ocean!
Yes there’s still a curse and a spinning wheel, but this Sleeping Beauty is much more interested in using her brain than finding a prince. When this princess heard about the curse she said ‘That can’t be true. I’m going to figure this out with science, yep that’s what I’m going to do!’
Belle didn't fall for a guy that held her hostage. No, she used her brain and compassion to help a badly deformed prince heal.
Rapunzel didn't need a guy to help her get our of her tower. She studied the earth and atmosphere and helped the Kingdom live in better harmony with nature.
Mulan didn’t just fight like a boy, she showed armies that kindness is a better way to solve problems.
When there’s a problem that needs more than one brain to solve, The Smart Princess Club is called to the Castle Lab in the sky to figure out clues and solve the problem. And they’ll need your help! Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Rapunzel, and Mulan love using their brains and helping kids understand how powerful their brains’ are also! In Episode 1 the girls will use Smart Princess Club Rule #1 - we can all get smarter if we try hard and learn from our mistakes - to help solve the problem and tell the reader that they can do it too.